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2014-06-20 11:16 am

Oh the birthdayness of me

Hi everyone!

In a week's time, I'll be turning 38. And I have, again, failed to update anything online that would give people an idea of birthday presents to buy for me. (FOR ME! BECAUSE I'M IMPORTANT!)

So, if anyone wants to buy me a present, I've come up with a very simple thing that I'd like you to do. Follow these directions;

1 - Find something on YOUR wishlist in the kind of price range that you'd want to spend on me (or, if you see something that you want elsewhere, go with that).

2 - Buy it, and have it sent to you.

3 - Wrap it up if you want, but if you do, please open it for me on the 27th. I probably won't be there.

4 - Use it like it's yours. Because I'm totally letting you borrow it, OK?

5 - Forget that it's borrowed.

6 - I love you guys.

(7 - Want to donate to charity instead? Sweet!)
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2012-12-01 01:18 pm

The Unbearding!

Hello! Just realised, I maybe should have posted this yesterday, or something...

I have a Large Beard. And, in 45 minutes time (2 pm, GMT), I'll be guided through removing it by anyone that wants to join The Banyard Unbearding event.

If you happen to be free, come along! If you don't, really, don't worry. This is just me, desperately checking that I still have a chin underneath all this ;)

Edit: IT IS DONE!! The beard has been removed, bit by bit, and the chronicle of its removal can be seen here! Right here!!
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2009-05-03 09:15 am

And that's me on DW

Yay! DW accountses for meeeeee :D And soon, icons too!