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doccy ([personal profile] doccy) wrote2014-06-20 11:16 am

Oh the birthdayness of me

Hi everyone!

In a week's time, I'll be turning 38. And I have, again, failed to update anything online that would give people an idea of birthday presents to buy for me. (FOR ME! BECAUSE I'M IMPORTANT!)

So, if anyone wants to buy me a present, I've come up with a very simple thing that I'd like you to do. Follow these directions;

1 - Find something on YOUR wishlist in the kind of price range that you'd want to spend on me (or, if you see something that you want elsewhere, go with that).

2 - Buy it, and have it sent to you.

3 - Wrap it up if you want, but if you do, please open it for me on the 27th. I probably won't be there.

4 - Use it like it's yours. Because I'm totally letting you borrow it, OK?

5 - Forget that it's borrowed.

6 - I love you guys.

(7 - Want to donate to charity instead? Sweet!)

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